Sunday, Oct 11

Time: 7:30 AM

No Cover

Description: Mark’s Midnight Carnival Show may very well be one of Colorado’s best-kept secrets; but this phenomenal Indie Rock band won’t stay that way for long. It really isn’t surprising when you consider that in the 3 short years they have been together they have played over 500 shows. “People are shocked and surprised they’ve never heard of us before,” says Mark. “We put a lot of heart and soul into our live shows, and we think it is evident when you see us live.” The band has a sound that is new but also familiar. They tend to write songs that quickly become infectious and memorable. Fans of Indie Rock the likes of The Black Keys, Kings of Leon, Spoon, Vampire Weekend, and Minus the Bear will feel right at home listening to Mark’s Midnight Carnival Show. This well polished band formed in 2009 when singer/songwriter/bassist Mark Bush posted a carefully worded ad on Craigslist. Lead guitarist Scott Bein and drummer Gavin Straub responded, and from the first meeting it was clear they had each made the right choice. Known best for their ability to put on a great live show, Mark's Midnight Carnival Show is mesmerizing and will easily over take any audience with their infectious sound. When asked to describe their sound Mark replied, "We never set out with any preconceived idea of what kind of a band we wanted to be. We just created the music we wanted to hear and found a way to not let anything pollute that. We are always driving for purity and try to stay focused on letting each song form as naturally as possible. This allows us to cross in and out of different genre's and styles and come out with something fresh and unique." In 2011 the band released their first full-length studio album. This self-titled debut impressed critics and fans alike. The songs demonstrated a kind of maturity in songwriting most bands spend years hoping to achieve. The album focused heavily on Mark’s songwriting and vocal abilities, but also showed great musicianship from Scott and Gavin. The band was genuinely moved by the response the album received, and sold out of their first run rather quickly. Now almost 2 years later the band is releasing a new EP. This new album captures the energy of Mark’s Midnight Carnival Show at their best. It features more contributions from Scott in the area of songwriting and a bombastic performance from Gavin on drums. Mark’s vocals are soaring stronger than ever and the band is excited to get new music out there for everyone to enjoy. The band continues to see success traveling throughout the region, playing shows in Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Kansas, and Missouri. They are just as comfortable in front of large festival audiences as they are in more intimate settings. They are constantly moving forward and excited for any opportunity to play. So let the secret out there for all to hear. Mark’s Midnight Carnival Show doesn’t expect you to keep something this awesome quiet any longer.

Website: http://www.marksmidnightcarnivalshow.com/home.html

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