Wednesday, Oct 31

Time: 8:00 AM

No Cover

Description: Since forming in December of 2010, Chimney Choir has released two EPs and embarked on four tours in the US. Although steeped in American and World folk music, the trio is not afraid to experiment - embracing psychedelic synths, performance art, and found percussion (including a Samsonite suitcase, ladder, and a typewriter). The band is a true collaboration - members change instruments, blend their voices in harmony, and share lead vocal and songwriting. The debut EP, (feather), was recorded in an architectural antique warehouse, which gives a hint at the unique character of their sound. The second EP, (turtle), was released just 3 months later in August of 2011. A live EP of new material is in the works as well as tours across the US and over to Europe in Spring of 2012.

Website: http://chimneychoir.com/index

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