Wednesday, Aug 28

Time: 8:00 AM

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Description: Cait Black is a singer-songwriter who has pioneered her own career in an original & heartfelt fashion. Almost entirely DIY - she’s got her hands in graphic design, recording, booking, writing, performing, collaborating, as well as a myriad of other facets. She has a forte for embracing the silver lining in life & Ms. Black aims to share that with the world - through her music. As much as Cait is about the tunes, she maintains that it is equally about the people that her music touches. “The people we’ve met on the road have given me the inspiration to keep doing what I do - in a public way. So much love goes to my fans and supporters, always.” Ms. Black solely orchestrated two National tours in 2011 & 2012, playing her ukulele along side her long-time bass player, Sue Jay. Summer 2013 will be the girls’ third stab at it. She also embarked on two smaller tours that took her down south, as well as up to New England in 2010. Cait has “placed” in singer-songwriter competitions at the auspicious Eddie’s Attic in Atlanta, GA, as well as The Listening Room in Nashville, TN. Ms. Black’s other notable achievements are as follows: Artist of the Week on YOUNOW.COM ’11 | Featured Song in the POP category on MP3.COM ‘11 (featured “Bumble Bee.”) | Featured Artist on ArtistPR.COM - Nov. ‘12 | Voted #1 on RadioFreeJoshuaTree.com & featured on their TOP TEN show as well as the Trust Everyone Under 30 show - ‘13. She has performed on-air at: WMLB in Atlanta, WMBR at MIT, TheNail via Cyber Storm Radio & SRocks Radio, as well as WUML in Lowell, Mass. Many independent radio stations support this original, budding singer-songwriter. Next up? Cait Black has moved out WEST to explore some new territory for her tunes. Keep an ear out & an eye! This gal is not slowing down & is sure to attract some attention. ·

Website: http://www.caitblack.com/

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