Saturday, May 03

Time: 8:30 AM

No Cover

Description: Think of a darkness lit by kerosene lanterns with a roaring steam engine in the background, you're in a gypsy minstrel's tent……or maybe you're drinkin' whiskey on an New Mexican veranda, the sounds of a horse galloping away into the darkness... or you're sauntering through the streets of Deadwood. You're in Bone Orchard territory….where the men are wicked and the women are wilder…and the music takes you on a journey down dark dusty alleyways, where sometimes you catch glimpses of strange psychedelic visions through the silk curtains of opium dens and the swinging doors of saloons that you know you shouldn't enter……but you do. Welcome to Bone Orchard...in all it's ragged finery and, as Bone Orchard has been described; “where adventure meets tradition”. Drawing inspiration for their original songs from the stories and landscape of the old and new American west, Bone Orchard shows are characterized by Daniel Pretends Eagle and Carol Morgan-Eagle’s haunting two part harmonies and Daniel’s unique approach to the acoustic guitar using effects usually only associated with the electric guitar. Add in Colin’s eclectic standup bass rhythms’, Chipper’s electric mandolin with wah and feedback, Arne's steady beat and you’ll hear a sound like no one else’s. Bone Orchard will take you on a journey through an Americana Noir landscape occasionally heading off for a psychedelic detour that will keep you dancing the night away. Daniel Pretends Eagle:.. Vocal, guitar, banjo, Carol Morgan-Eagle-Vocals, Chipper Thompson: Mandolin, Colin Jenkinson- Bass, and Arne Bey - drum....PHOTO BY PATTIE TRAYNOR

Website: http://www.boneorchardmusic.com

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