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Description: When Boris is joined by his blessed Salt Licks together they create the highest caliber Americana Roots band available for performance. Its hard to go wrong with Jeff Berlin the gifted self taught drummer out of Boston and Brett "Smokestack" Davis the burning vocalist and multi-instrumentalist from New Mexico. Just as phenomenal the mad genius of Kevin Zoernig on keyboards graces the stage with a 70's lusciousness. Susan Holmes has been called by Legendary Singer/guitarist Bill Hearne "The best damn upright player on god's green earth." Boris is most impressed with the works of Woody Guthrie, Taj Mahal, Michael Hurley, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, John Prine, Townes Van Zandt, Steve Earle, Lucinda Williams, Tom Waits, Greg Brown, Johny Cash, Hank Williams, Uncle Tupelo, The Rolling Stones, and ethnomusicologists such as Bascom Lamar Lunsford, Harry Smith, Ralph Rinzler, and Alan Lomax. Boris McCutcheon's Bio Boris was born in 1969, grew up on farmland and learned to ride a horse before he could walk. His Mother is a horse trainer and shepherd and his father is a woodcutter and singer himself. In 1988 Boris attended Marlboro College in VT where he hoped to become a better writer. In 1992 he attended UCSC where he hoped to become a better farmer. However his Guild guitar had a tremendous gravity that he could never shake despite his best-laid plans. Boris has made a living as a performer, farmer, oxen drover, chimney sweeper, irrigation designer, carpenter, deckhand and stone mason. He knows hay from straw. For 14 years Boris McCutcheon soaked up the scenery, spirit and people of the Southwest, Northern California, and New England before returning in 2004 back to New Mexico. In the Fall of 2005 Boris joined up with the best independent label in the Southwest, Frogville Records out of Santa Fe.(www.frogvilleplanet.com) In October Boris McCutcheon and his blessed Salt Licks recorded a third album, "Cactusman vs The Blue Demon", slated for release in early 2006. Boris McCutcheon is a complex American original. One of the most mischievous songwriters and singers of his generation, he has challenged what is commercially and non-commercially viable in the industry from the beginning of his career. Since, 2000 his first album, "Mother Ditch", has gained cult status. This debut album contains eclectic roots music with tuba, circus sounding waltzes and scratch/sniff lyrics that are almost too vivid. In 2003 Boris McCutcheon recorded his second album, "when we were big", at Wave Lab Studios in Tucson, AZ, with his band The Salt Licks. This one of a kind psychedelic rock/folk record has gained momentous critical acclaim in Europe and in the States as well. Boris and the Salt Licks toured Europe several times with international support and successdue to the making of this second record. Lets not forget the force that drives the lyrics, and the music… Boris' voice. From a whisper, to a yodel, to his trademark soulful attack, Boris' gruff voice will penetrate and "sooth that spot the listener cannot reach." For this reason his albums have been known to live in people's cars until the CD's themselves are worn out and scratched beyond repair. Boris claims to be a, "musical shaman or a cosmic fool stuck somewhere between Harry Smith's Folk anthology and the 1970's". Not a bad place to be. From the works of his three distinct albums and after many tours under his belt, Boris has proven himself to a large fan base and to fellow artists alike as an inspiration. Boris has been a stylistic maverick and cameleon long before he heard Beck and has been playing alt/country long before he ever stumbled on Uncle Tupelo. Boris McCutcheon is a complex American artist as diverse and colorful as "God's Country" itself! 1988 > Roommate wrecks Boris's Ford Pinto and pays Boris for the damage. Boris buys first guitar with the cash, (which he still plays). 1990 > Boris meets Folkways Records founder Ralph Rinzler and becomes his friend and employee.(Ralph Rinzler is a famous ethnomusicologist who discovered Doc Watson and Clarence Ashley. He also played mandolin for Taj Mahal on occassion amoung a list of other great things.) > Ralph gives Boris his first "real" guitar lesson, teaches him about Woody Guthrie, opens worlds and sheds light on the meaning of folk music to Boris. > Employed by Ralph Rinzler to drive his private collection of records across country. 1991-1999 >Lives, farms and studies at UCSC, then travels north. and then eventually winds up in New Mexico for a long stint. 2000 > Moves to New England and Records debut album "Mother Ditch". This album is rooted in a decade of rambling through CA, NM and the Southwest. Meets Jeff Berlin and forms the Salt Licks. 2000-2002 > With the promotional help of Boston writer Steve Almond and hundreds of shows with the Salt Licks Boris creates a dynamic and powerful fan base in New England. 2003 > Flies to Wavelab Studios in Tuscon AZ with the Salt Licks, manager Jeannie Smith , and producer Pete Weiss to record second album "When We Were Big". > "When We Were Big", cultivates national and international acclaim and is voted as one the top 20 albums of the year by many critics. Danielle Dreilinger puts it at ..20 in No Depression. > Many fantastic reviews far and wide in the States and in Europe. > Voted Boston Magazine's 2003 "Hot List of Musicians burning up the town". 2004 > "When We Were Big" reaches ..5 on the Euro Americana Chart. > Boris and Salt Licks form alliance with Lucky Dice records out of Holland. > Lucky Dice Records becomes European distributor for Boris and the Salt Licks. > Tour of The Netherlands in conjunction with Lucky Dice Records. Included: Live Blue Highways Festival performance and KRO National Public Radio Show. > "Pumpkin Farmer" selected for inclusion on the 2004 Boston's Best Singer Songwriter Showcase, Volume 5. > Boston Music Award Nominee for "Best Male Singer/Songwriter." > Nashville, TN: Americana Music Association Conference Showcase for Up-and-Coming Artist. > Boris' song "Sad Mountain" gets included in the "unsung-unsigned" compilation by Catamount Records, Nashville TN. > Two new live CD's available:"Live at the Fishmonger" and "Turbulent Amusement". > Second Tour of The Netherlands which includes Roots Of Heaven Festival Performance and Paradiso Performance. Shows with Darrell Scott, Slaid Cleaves, Jud Newcomb, Giant Sand, Brian Webb, Rod Picott, and The American Music Club. 2005 > 2 tours of the Southwest with The Salt Licks. Performs for Governor Bill Richardson in Pinos Altos NM. Bill buys two CD's. > Moves happily back to New Mexico to take up permanent residency. > Boris song "Gift Horse" selected for KRO National Public Radio live "American Connection" compilation. Other artists include: Kathleen Edwards, Jay Farrar, Ron Sexsmith, and Townes Van Zandt. Released on Corazong Records. > Unreleased song "Pilgrim" (with duct tape solo) is played on National Public Radio's CAR TALK. > Joins best indie label in the Southwest FROGVILLE RECORDS in Santa Fe NM and records third album "Cactusman vs. The Blue Demon". > Album is slated to be released early 2006. > A third tour of Holland with Lucky Dice Records is already in the works.

Website: http://www.borismccutcheon.com

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