Sunday, Sep 15

Time: 2:00 AM - 5:00 AM

No Cover

Description: 2011 saw success for local musicians Indigie Femme, who received numerous musical awards and recognition includes Native American Music Award (NAMMY), double New Mexican Music Awards (NAMA) and Sacramento Community of Color Diversity honorees. Indigie Femme are one of the most ‘dynamic female indigenous duos’ to hit the music scene. Creative forces merge when the Northern and Southern Hemipheres come together through songs in stories. Tash Terry born and raised on the Navajo Nation and Elena Higgins born in New Zealand of the Maori and Samoan heritage are the powerful musical duo, Indigie Femme. A twist of world beats lavish the acoustic folk duo who tap into their indigenous roots. Their magical weavings and matrilinarinal cultures, magnified with their powerful voices, combines thought-provoking, uplifting traditional and original compositions.

Website: http://www.indigiefemme.com

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