Saturday, Mar 14

Time: 7:30 AM

No Cover

Description: Joe West & The Santa Fe Revue is an emotionally moving and at times, hilarious musical commentary on the “offbeat” life of award-winning, Alternative Country singer-songwriter Joe West, accompanied by his longtime backing-band with special guests. “Shortly after I returned to Santa Fe in the late 90’s, it didn’t take me long to notice my old home town had become a hot bed for so many accomplished musicians. Recently, I’ve been fascinated with world of Mark Twain, Will Rogers and the era of old wild-west shows and traveling carnivals. Back then, for the price of just one ticket, the audience got to enjoy an amazing , amusing and sometimes bizarre range of entertainment. So with that idea in mind, I thought it would be a lot of fun to perform my music with the help of a rotating cast of the most talented, offbeat and interesting Santa Fe folks I know.” JOE WEST-(THE SANTA FE ALLSTARS, THE SINNERS) SONGWRITER, SINGER AND STORY TELLER BEN WRIGHT (D NUMBERS,MARY AND MARS, THE SANTA FE ALLSTARS)-GUITAR, VOCALS MARGARET BURKE (SWEET SISTER, BILL HEARNE)-BASS, VOCALS LORI OTTINO (FAMILY COAL)-MELODICA, VOCALS KARINA WILSON (BROOMDUST CARAVAN)-FIDDLE ARNE BEY -PRODUCER AND DRUMMER

Website: http://www.joewestmusic.com

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