Thursday, May 09

Time: 8:00 AM

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Description: James Houlahan is a singer, songwriter, and guitar player based in Los Angeles, California. A founding member of Boston-area bands such as Dogs on Television and The Jody Grind, Houlahan has come to be known as a songsmith who channels both tradition and poetic innovation. His 2012 solo release “misfit hymns,” contains songs that sonically reside somewhere between folk and rock, thriving on the music of the past while keeping one ear on the future. In 2009, Houlahan released the debut solo record “Seven Years Now.” That album has gone on to achieve a dedicated following in the Boston area. Due to the positive response to this work, Houlahan decided to focus all of his efforts on a follow-up. That follow-up is “misfit hymns,” a place where folk meets rock, tradition meets noise, and stories both come together and fall apart. The new album has found airplay on over 100 radio stations in the U.S. and Canada. It has also been released in Europe with the distributor Continental Record Services. In performance, Houlahan’s shows can veer from quieter, intimate solo gigs to louder, band-rocking, exercises in face-melting bliss. He has performed shows all over California and the New England area and is intent on bringing his music to the largest audience possible. "This latest collection of songs ["misfit hymns"] is a heartfelt journeyman’s tale of love and life as influenced by the kindred minds of Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Warren Zevon and Neil Young. His songs are earnest and intimate, yet meticulously arranged. While Houlahan straddles the line between traditional folk and country, there are occasional nods and pushes of musical boundaries seldom explored by singer/songwriters of this ilk. Rarely have music and words collaborated so closely to convey mood so effectively." (Joel Simches, The Noise, July 2012)

Website: http://jameshoulahan.com/

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