Thursday, Mar 21

Time: 8:00 AM

No Cover

Description: Celebrate the first day of spring this year with a special visit from The Sudden Lovelys! Hailing from Minneapolis, The Sudden Lovelys are Daniel and Paige Ferraro. Daniel started his music career in 2006. Paige joined him in 2008 but The Sudden Lovelys didn't officially form until the summer of 2010. Since their inception 3 years ago, the prolific duo has released seven records (2 EPs, 5 full length) and tours the country regularly, playing over 100 shows per year. Armed with a mountain of original material, tenacious work ethic and will to be heard, the Lovelys captivate audiences of all sizes and demographics. The Sudden Lovelys describe their unique and earnest sound as "aggressive folk." Daniel writes, plays guitar, ferociously sings and kicks a vintage red suitcase. Paige also sings, slaps a cymbal with a tambourine and plays a slew of funky hand percussion. While performing, their biggest joy is the connection shared with a responsive audience. There is a humble passion and honesty in their live show that cannot be denied.

Website: http://thesuddenlovelys.com/info

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