Sunday, Apr 07

Time: 8:00 AM

No Cover

Description: Bonnie & the Bluegrass Clydes comes in many shapes and sizes, but this spring we will be touring the West as an acoustic trio of guitar, fiddle and mandolin along with tight three part harmonies to make for an lively and entertaining acoustic music experience. Bonnie Sims commands the stage with a natural presence of a songstress beyond her years. At twenty five she has already managed to establish herself as a hard working woman of this modern musical era. Bonnie sings with a voice that seems too big for her petite five foot frame, belting to the back row wherever she is with heart and soul. Her energy is infectious and undeniable, she makes it easy to love and impossible to sit still, be it an emotional evoking ballad or a peel-the-paint country rocker. Taylor Sims also helps out on vocals while providing powerful flatpicking guitar lines. Nancy Steinberger rounds out the trio with her harmony and fiddle playing, laying down tasty solos every chance she gets. Don't miss this opportunity to see Bonnie & the Clydes LIVE and in person at Santa Fe's Cowgirl!

Website: http://www.bonnieandherclydes.com

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