Monday, Mar 17

Time: 8:00 AM

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Description: Albuquerque and Santa Fe -based rock/prog/funk/world rockers Pray for Brain is not your auntie's world music band, nor your uncle's country twang, nor your grandad's jazz vinyl: think 70s era Miles Davis, Chet Atkins and late Coltrane playing with the White Stripes and Isaac Hayes on a Calcutta rooftop with a bird's eye view to Morocco. Johnny Cash and Bengali icon Rabrindranath Tagore may sit in, too. Pray For Brain is an evolution of Sama Duo, where Mustafa Stefan Dill (guitars, oud) and Jefferson Voorhees (drums) brought a telepathic level of interplay to their groove-oriented energetic improvisations, delivered with a gutsy south Asian and Middle Eastern twist. One fan wrote, "I love Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Indian classical music and Zeppelin and improv jazz, and your music was hitting all of those buttons in my brain at once." Albuquerque's Weekly Alibi called them "catchy, challenging, spacey and spiritual all at the same time." With the addition of upright bassist Christine Nelson and retooled as Pray For Brain, the new trio expands the range of groove, nuance and improvising conversations. The music is simultaneously lighter but deeper, easier to hear and harder to shake off. Pray For Brain binds their diverse musical influences into a unified, coherent soundscape: skillful writing frames artful, telepathic dialogues that draw on a deep core of both cutting-edge and ancient improvising methods from India, Africa and the Middle East. The trio offers their voice with an energetic finesse wrapped in a rhythmically-driven, wide-ranging rock/funk ethos. The band recently signed a distribution deals with Trey Gunn's 7d Media and Rooh Music of India fro their forthcoming CD "None Of The Above", to be released in April or May 2014.

Website: http://www.pray4brain.com

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