Saturday, Sep 26

Time: 2:30 AM - 5:45 AM

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Description: John Kurzweg-- best known as the producer (and or mixer) for Multi Platinum rock acts Creed.,Puddle of Mudd and Eagle Eye Cherry.In 2001 he also produced a track for multi platinum singer Jewell(Atlantic).JK has also produced and mixed for many other label artists you may or may not have heard of---Social Burn(Electra),No Address(Atlantic),Cinder (Interscope),Double Drive(RoadRunner),LoungeFly(RCA),Mo Leveret(Storyville),House of Dreams(Ichiban),Noel Hartough-Mile(Sony),Tishamingo(MagnaCarta),and many he has probably forgotten to tell us about. Kurzweg's early history--- started piano lessons when he was 7,guitar lessons at 11,and by the time he was 13,he was playing paid gigs in Richmond Va. with musicians a bit older than himself---many bands, gigs, and different instruments later(John played drums in several favorite Tallahassee Fl bands and pick up gigs with Chuck Berry and Percy Sledge),---Kurzweg procured a record deal with Atlantic Records in 1986 and in 1987 released a solo album using his middle name---"John Philip"---the album didnt do as well as hoped,so by 1989 John found himself back in Fl broke,dealess,and playing bars again----however--now he had an 8 track reel to reel,a mixing board,and some mics---so---why not produce some bands on the side?Well,thats what he did---- In 1996 he started work with what seemed then "just another local Tallahassee band",a band called Creed- and as they say--the rest is history. In 2003 John moved to Santa Fe NM where he has a separate recording studio on a beautiful high desert property---the studio has a spacious,live drum room,a great 1979 Gretch maple kit,some very cool guitars,amps,lots of great mics and plenty of neve's,gml's,api's etc to "make things go boom"...

Website: http://www.myspace.com/johnkurzweg

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