Sunday, Dec 21

Time: 2:00 AM - 5:00 AM

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Description: Dixie, or Dixieland is a name given to the style of jazz performed by early New Orleans Jazz Musicians. The name is a reference to the "Old South". Dixieland which was developed in New Orleans, is one of the earliest styles of Jazz music. The style combined earlier brass band marches, French Quadrilles, ragtime, and blues with collective,polyphonic improvisation. While instrumentation and size of bands can be very flexible, the "standard" band consists of a "front line" of trumpet, (or cornet), trombone, and clarinet, with a "rhythm section" of at least two of the following instruments:guitar or banjo, string bass or tuba, and drums. The Santa Fe Chiles Dixie Jazz Band has been in existence for 20 years, and proudly continues to perform this traditional and historic form of classic American music. The Chiles have toured throughout New Mexico and the West for many years, playing many jazz festivals and special events. Most of the members of the band have been in the band for an average of about 12 years. Current members include Tom Rheam, who started with the Chiles on keyboard in 2005, and then began leading the band in 2011, plays the cornet and the trumpet; drummer and washboard player Leo Maes, who is the longest-running current member at 17 years; Trey Keepin on clarinet, Richard Cramer on valve and slide trombone, Doc Stenzhorn on the banjo, Brian Fitzgerald on the piano, and Jim Martinez playing the tuba and electric bass. The Santa Fe Chiles have just completed their first professionally produced album. The self-titled CD which was officially released on this July 4th, 2013 at the Cowgirl in Santa Fe, NM.

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