Saturday, Jul 25

Time: 8:30 AM

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Description: Hailed by "The Santa Fe Reporter" as "one of New Mexico's most exciting acts", Bone Orchard captures both the darkness and allure of the American Mythos. Their music is a journey down the route 66 of legend as it might have been had it started in rural Appalachia and detoured through the wild streets of Deadwood. Drawing from traditional Appalachian influences, as well as 20th. century post-punk, Bone Orchard blends acoustic and electric guitars, banjo and mandolin to create a cinematic original sound of haunted beauty and purity, much like the wind swept mesas and wide blue skies of their hometown of Taos, New Mexico. Their songs are at turns rollicking and mournful, gentle and violent, exhibiting rich vocal harmonies that soothe, all the while spinning dark and desperate tales that make you shiver. Bone Orchard concocts a delicious musical brew you'll want to gulp down.... intoxicating and a little dangerous. Daniel Pretends Eagle and Carol Morgan-Eagle are the heart and marrow of Bone Orchard creating and producing all their own music. Yes, Daniel Pretends Eagle is his real name given to him by his father of the same name who is a Lakota Sioux Indian of Standing Rock reservation and the Winnebago Reservation. Show business runs in the family as his Sioux great Uncle was a performer with the Wild Buffalo Bill Show at the turn of the century. Daniel’s love of music was engendered at the tender age of three on a Mississippi riverboat. His mother worked as a cocktail waitress on a paddle wheeler that plied the shores of St. Louis, Missouri, where, in an effort to keep him out of trouble, the house band would arm Daniel with a pair of brushes and put him behind the drum set. Years later, Daniel found himself in LA where he studied with a reclusive master of the electric guitar high in the Hollywood Hills. It was here that he was first exposed to the wild and innovative roots music of artists like X, The Divine Horseman, Rank and File and The Gun Club. He fell in love with the genre and began forging his own uniquely American soundscape, a haunting alchemy of punk rock and Appalachian murder ballads—of Sam Shepard, Cormac McCarthy and Edgar Allen Poe forming the band "The Peckinpahs" (after Sam Peckinpah) and playing all the usual haunts of the Los Angeles music scene. .Photo credit- Pattie Traynor.

Website: http://www.boneorchardmusic.com

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