Monday, Sep 22

Time: 8:00 AM

No Cover

Description: Hello, Dollface is a well lit female-fronted eclectic soulchild born into a sea of evocative bass heavy, disco-plated live percussive backbeats. Heavy whipped vocals topped with cherry ballads, the band will get your hands in the air then pull some heavy heart strings... When you open up this modern day music box out parades the melodies and soulful collection of this young lady and two fine gentlemen. Bluesy undertones cast a backdrop to this indie-soul sound that will fill hearts and minds with the passion to remember your own creative spirits. Big bright clean riffs woven into intricate arrangements take you on a soul-driven revival with a disco-plated rhythm section in what echoes a mashup of reminiscent funk-you throwbacks and flickers the indie festival scene depending on what decade speaks to you. Edwards' vocals glue the signature sound of HDF and just may own your soul or melt your heart right into Dollface land. Soul meets sound. Magic meets mystery

Website: http://www.hellodollfacemusic.com/

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